Bitmaker hits the Top 25 Scaleup Rank. Here’s why!

by Ricardo Fernandes, CEO

We’re very proud that Bitmaker is one of the best Portuguese startups. We just hit the Top 25 Scaleup Rank by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, powered the MIT’s Building Global Innovators program. Overall, Bitmaker is at the 13th place. However, we rank at 9th on Total Revenue and 7th on Capital Turnover.

Of course, we’re proud of our team, which made us think about how we’ve reached this point, what do we have learned so far. Being amongst the best Portuguese startups / scaleups means something!

A good team is like a full savings account.
Hiring is probably our most serious job here at Bitmaker. Since the very beginning of the company, we decided we would work with the best people and invest in their personal and professional growth. We’ve done it ourselves when we picked each other as Bitmaker’s founders, so why shouldn’t we do it with the rest of the team?

We also invest in making our team happy, not only at our workplace but everywhere. Our workplace is not a playground like in some other software companies (well, it’s a little bit), mainly because we value a good work-personal life balance. We like to see our team spending a good time with their families and friends, working on their hobbies while having fun on what they are doing for a living.

We are not a typical software team.
We are engineers! But, Bitmaker believes that the software teams of today can’t rely on engineering skills only. Good engineering solves big technology problems, that’s entirely true, that’s why we have it, and that’s why I’m working to be a better engineer every day. Nevertheless, we also need to have the business, marketing, and design skills to solve our client’s problems. We can think ahead and bring more value to the table.

Bitmaker is that 360º team where ideas, problems, and solutions flow in a way that I’m sure it’s not easy to copy. The way we do it, it’s our biggest unfair advantage in the market, and our clients know that b

Our clients are teammates.
Our growth comes not only from new clients acquisition but mostly from referrals. Why? Because we are client-centered in a way that places the client inside of our team, being part of the process and taking part of the solutions. The result is a high-quality outcome that addresses the problems, the needs, and the expectations.

“So, your clients work for you?” 🙂
No. They do not work for us, and we do not work for them. We are on the same side. We work together, and we’ve validated strategies in place to make that work smoothly and, eventually, with even less effort.