Critical questions you may ask before hiring a software team.

by Tiago Fernandes, CTO

Software development can be a risky business. The results don’t meet your expectations, or what is developed it’s hard to use. You can go out of time, over budget or your developers can go out of business. That’s why you need to ask some critical questions before hiring your team!

What is the development process?

You might have heard about some development methodologies. The most famous are: 1 – “We do everything you want!”, 2 – Waterfall (the old way) or 3 – Agile (the Bitmaker way).

So, there are two questions you shall ask when hiring a software team: What is the development process? And, what should I expect along the way?

How long have you been in business?

As I said before, software development is a risky business. A lot of unpredictable things can happen. That’s why you need to be sure that you’re hiring an experienced team where you can find not only young engineers but also senior power!

Do you understand my business?

The understanding of your business by your software team will be critical for a high development performance. You won’t believe until you see it in action! When your team is completely aligned with your business, when they know what you do, your industry, your business model, your vision: the magic happens!

How do you test your code?

Did you find any broken feature? Ok. Those things, they exist because your code was not tested as it should be. You need to know how they test the code they write before hiring a software team. If you’re not convinced or in case you do not feel confident, that’s a blocker before hiring them.

How do we communicate?

You shall have a communication strategy so you know what’s going. Ask your team how will you communicate, which tools they use, and if they are an Agile Team, how long is an iteration. Simple!

Can I talk to your clients?

You know that when you talk with other clients you make relevant validation. Ask your team for a list of 2-4 current/past clients and talk to them.
You’ll be amazed by the amount of good information you’ll get!

What warranties do you provide?

What happens when things go wrong? You need to know how the software will be supported and how the team will deal with minor and major issues. That’s quite relevant because you don’t want to put your business in danger! Do not believe in “bug-free” software. Any change in the production environment can compromise your code, so you better know what happens when that happens. You need to have that clear when hiring a software team!