Do I need to hire a CTO?

by Tiago Fernandes, CTO

If at this point you find yourself asking if you need to hire a CTO, maybe first it will be relevant to establish when it is profitable for your business to do so.

Ask yourself the question: Do I need to hire a CTO?
Well, if as an entrepreneur you’re still seeking for technical help to create or validate your product, maybe it’s too early to hire a CTO. Ghostbusters are kick-ass but – sadly – they’re not the guys for the job, either. So, at this early stage, and considering that one person doesn’t build the best software, it’s advisable to find a software engineering team with the right skills to get you through a proper launching.

First things first!
Being an early stage project, this is probably the time you need speed the most. That means you need a team that provides all the technical skills you need to start, but also a critical vision about your business, understanding your specific needs of software and supplying expertise on marketing and design. All in all, an investment that one day, shortly, you’ll look back and be thankful.

So, if you’re a business owner interested in doing your magic, you can rely on a software team, who will create and manage a project in ways that genuinely empower your business.

That goal is achievable by turning all the business management processes bolder and quicker. That’s where software development companies profitably enter the game, enhancing your efficiency with customized IT solutions to serve you and your customers on time. You don’t even have to blink. Of course, there are also critical questions you may ask before hiring a software team. We’ve answered some of those questions already here.

When do I need a CTO, though?
Once you have reached that stage of development of having something validated, you can question – again – if you need to hire a CTO, who will build your own team and take over the project technically–wise. Good architecture, good code, and good practices will make the rest!