Liga Portugal

How Liga Portugal – the Portuguese Football League – overcomes its tech challenges with Bitmaker?

Liga Portugal


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About the Portuguese Football League

Liga Portugal is the Portuguese Professional Football League. Liga Portugal organizes three professional football competitions with the participation of 35 clubs and 40 professional teams. The League was created due to the need of gathering all the clubs in a sole employers’ association, conciliating their interests and aspirations, as well as increasing the clubs’ interventionist capacity.

The 3 Big Challenges


The Portuguese Professional Football League interacts with several stakeholders in multiple platforms.

100% Uptime

There’s no room for product downtime. Can you imagine a faulty system during a live match?


Football is an intensely scrutinized industry. The escape of sensitive information generates huge impacts.

I’m Miguel Faria

“Bitmaker helps us being one of the most innovative football leagues in the world!”

— IT Manager, Liga Portugal

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